• Interesting Ford Transit Facts

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    Whichever country a Ford vehicle is sold, the Ford Transit ranks amongst its biggest vendors. The Transit recently had its anniversary that is 50th within time it’s cemented it self among the most widely used commercial cars. A few of the less understood facts relating to this vehicle are as follows:

    In 1972 London’s Metropolitan Police complemented by calling it “Britain’s most wanted van.”

    Scotland Yard once described the Transit as the “perfect getaway vehicle” used in “95 per cent of bank raids”.

    Some 3000 metres up a mountain pass on October 1985, Sen’or Garcia, was caught by a freak snowstorm. He had been forced to abandon their Ford Transit. The vehicle ended up being subsequently hidden under five metres of snow and may never be retrieved. A lot more than half a year later on Garcia came back to that spot and he ended up being amazed to locate …

  • Car Tuning: Understand The Idea Before You Tune Your Car

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    Having a luxurious automobile like Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari or Lamborghini by itself may be the matter of proud with regards to their owners because these automobiles aren’t just vehicles nevertheless the symbol of power, comfort and luxuriousness mounted in a single product. There would be barely owner of such cars who’ll plan to opt for any modification in his beloved automobile, but interestingly in the past few years, its witnessed that the generation next owners of the cars aren’t satisfied with the features which can be loaded by their respective car makers in their vehicles.

    These generation next car motorists are always in look of such strategies which are useful in deriving much from their effective leaders. Interestingly, going through this craze now day’s trend of vehicle tuning has gained huge appeal across the world, facilitating the automobile owners to enjoy enhanced performance of the automobile to its …


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